We take drone safety VERY seriously as our drones are capable of being flow in to harms way with aircraft or potentially damaging property or injuring people if an accident occurs. There are basic rules to follow:

  • Stay Below 120M (400ft).
  • You should fly no farther than 500M (1640ft).
  • Maintain line of sight of your drone at all times!
  • Do not fly within 50M (150ft) of buildings vehicles, or people.
  • Avoid flying within 150M (500ft) of crowds of people over 1000.
  • Do not fly in any restricted airspace including temporary restrictions (See NATS APP below)

However we advise everyone to visit http://dronesafe.uk/drone-code/ and to download the Dronecode PDF - A printed copy will be included with all of our drones or provided via email.

We also STRONGLY recommend you download and use the NATS Drone Assist App as detailed in this section, as is provide by air traffic control and has up to date temporary restrictions: http://dronesafe.uk/safety-apps/