DJI Tello Programmable Drone with 720p Video

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DJI Tello Programmable Drone with 720p Video

The DJI Tello is the ultimate drone for beginners and children. It is a perfect introductury drone that balances fun as well as accessibility and useability to new and unexperienced flyers. Throw & Go making starting flyer easier than its ever been and 8D Flips within the apps allow you to perform amazing stunts at the swipe of your phone screen.

Getting started could not be easier than with the Tello app and its friendly UI. Industry leading components by DJI ensure spability during flight as well being controller compatible for precise manuevers and unforgettable experiences.

Smartphone VR headset compatability allows you to fly with a first person view providing unrivalled emersion that is bound to get you hooked!

The Tello's dual atenna system alows for 720p image transmission up to 100ms with a flight time of 13 minutes.

There is a high-quality image processor and EZ-shots make pro-level action videos accessible to any ability. EZshots can record coordinated short videos with circle, 360, and Up & Away whilst applying image stablization to ensure that all the captured footage is smove and seamless.

A 5MP camera preserves your memories with high-resolution pictures and an Intel processor yields professional, high-quality footage.

Tellos revolutionary software and hardware make it one of the safest droens to fly on the market!

  • Auto Takeoff/Landing allows you to perform the former with a press of a button
  • Low Batter Protection sends the user alerts when the battery is getting low
  • Failsafe Protection means your Tello wil always land safely even if you lose connection to the drone itself
  • Vision Positional Systems facilitate precise hovering that not only ensure the safety of your drone but also allow you to capture amazing stills and videos.

Learn and Create

The Tello is programmable with Scratch to allow kids and teenagers to learn the basics of writing code. More advanced users can use Tello SDK to write programmes for their Tello.

On top of this DIY accessories means the tello is completely customizable with your own accessories and added components.

In The Box

  • Aircraft
  • Propellers (Pair)
  • Propeller Guards (Set)
  • Battery
  • Propeller Removal Tool

Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines (Tello_Disclaimer_and_Safety_Guidelines__EN__v1.0.pdf, 0 Kb) [Download]

Tello Release Notes (Tello_Release_Notes_en.pdf, 40 Kb) [Download]

User Manual (Tello_User_Manual_V1.2_EN.pdf, 1,613 Kb) [Download]

Quick Start Guide - Multi (Tello_Quick_Start_Guide_V1.2_multi.pdf, 0 Kb) [Download]

Scratch README (Tello_Scratch_Readme.pdf, 0 Kb) [Download]

Tello SDK (Tello_SDK_Readme.pdf, 0 Kb) [Download]

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